Unilodge follows in the footsteps of our ground-breaking Tiya Vista development. Although smaller in scale with a combined GDV of RM 4 million, Unilodge is a conceptually new executive residential development.

Unilodge offers 6 single storey terrace houses, 6 double storey terrace houses, 4 double storey semi-detached houses and 2 detached units, targeted at mid-to- high income buyers looking to enjoy a natural yet contemporary lifestyle. Unilodge has also been a remarkable sales success, selling out completely within days of its launch, and is currently nearing completion.

The success of Unilodge is once again attributed to its location and features. It is positioned adjacent to the Kuching-Samarahan expressway with virtually the same accessibility, amenities and facilities as Tiya Vista, offering an exceptional standard of contemporary design and finish at affordable prices.